Latin American Goods

El Condor boasts a variety of products from South America, which includes goods found in tradional Ecuadorian food recipes as well as goods used by our neighbor to the east, Peru.

Customers who visit our quaint little shop, find it to be a pleasant reflection of their experiences in the South American region.

What's more, they find that El Condor carries goods not found in many other establishments, such as as herbs and spices and even Latin American sweets that entice people of all ages.

From the customer service to the ambience, we make sure that our customers feel right at home, all the while launching them to another part of the world. Take a look at our website and get a feel of what we're all about.


Welcome to El Condor, Chicago's leading distributor in Latino food and goods for 15 years.

Browse our site and products to get a glimpse of South American culture.

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